A letter from our President

Dear AMPAC Members:

AMPAC School has gone through many locations and generations of Master Plumbers.

Two years ago, under the leadership of John Cummins we found a permanent home at

3128 Allendale Street, Sheraden, PA. It was hard work and many hours of the President,

Officers and Board Members to make this happen.

We are currently classified as a 501c3 with the IRS which helps us on taxes as well as applying

for grants for the betterment of the school. We at AMPAC would like to thank all past and

present board members, officers and our membership for their continued support of the


AMPAC members are made up of many Master Plumbers and business leaders with a wide

range of personalities and difference of opinion, but one thing we have in common is that when

it comes to the school we are all united.

We are aware of members concerns for AMPAC to hold more informative meetings. With the

right topic, and the right commitment of members to attend, the committee will set up the

membership meeting. In the past, we have offered several membership meetings with a poor

turn-out. If any of you know a good topic, something you would like to see us cover, or are

aware of an informative speaker please inform Sandy and she will turn your information over to

the proper committee.

Our School Coordinator, Tim Mahoney is continuing to direct the school to be a top-notch

learning facility to help produce better plumbers for the area.  Tim is working diligently with the

instructors to help produce a better curriculum to prepare the students for a successful

plumbing career. Keep in mind, it is up to each Master Plumber to continue teaching there

employees the plumbing trade.

I would like to thank Sandy Mahoney, our Office Manager for her continued support of AMPAC.

For the last 10 years she has continued to help us move forward for the betterment of

the AMPAC plumbing program.   She will continue working with the board, teachers and School

Coordinator to help move the school in the right direction.

John Cummins is continuing to work countless hours for the AMPAC School on grants, school

curriculum, and a 1, 5,10 and 20-year plan for the school. We have a long way to go and our

vision is to be the top Plumbing School with the most well-trained plumbers.

I would like to thank you for your confidence for electing me as the new President of AMPAC.

I will work hard to continue the forward direction that John Cummins and the Board has taken

us and I will accept any comments or advice you may have. I would like to pass on some words

of wisdom that I have incorporated into my daily life.

When you get up in the morning, think of one positive thing that happened the day before

instead of zeroing in on the negative. It you start your day out on a positive note the rest of the

day will be more rewarding.



Howard Stuber