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In order to be current with the four year program, students must acquire 144 hours per year or 72 hours per semester. Each semester consists of exactly 72 hours of instruction. Therefore, students must attend every night of school in order to acquire the number of hours required. The list below indicates the accumulated hours needed at the end of each school year in order to be current:

  • First Year: 144 Hours (Cost: $695.00 per semester)
  • Second Year: 288 Hours (Cost: $785.00 per semester)
  • Third Year: 432 Hours (Cost: $785.00 per semester)
  • Fourth Year: 576 Hours (Cost: $785.00 per semester)

Number of Hours Needed to Advance to the Next School Year:

  • First Year: 0-132 Hours
  • Second Year: 133-282 Hours
  • Third Year: 283-426 Hours
  • Fourth Year: 427-576 Hours


Students will have opportunities to earn additional hours which will be added to the student’s total hours AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER DURING WHICH THEY ARE AWARDED. These include:

  • Early Registration – Students will be awarded 3 additional hours for completing their school registration by the early registration date each semester they attend.  The early registration deadline date for the second semester of the 2021 – 2022 school year is November 8 (2nd & 4th) and November 9th (1st & 3rd) 2021 (registration is only considered complete with FULL PAYMENT).
  • NEW Students can register after the deadline date however, they are strongly encouraged to register by November 23rd 2021 so that we can get them on the roll sheets and be prepared.
  • Additional hours (3) will be awarded for a blood donation to Vitalant (Central Blood Bank) by a student or their representative – one time per year.
  • AMPAC Meetings – THIRD and FOURTH YEAR students may have opportunities throughout the school year to attended approved AMPAC meetings that are educational in nature.
  • Students will be awarded 3 additional hours for each of these meetings that they attend.
  • Only NEW STUDENTS will be eligible to register during the 1st scheduled class date. All other registrations must be done on or before the deadline date of 11/23/2021
  • A late fee of $100 will be assessed on any returning students who register after 11/23/2021
  • If you prefer not to register online, you can complete a registration form and mail it to 3128 Allendale Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15204 with full payment enclosed. Or you can stop in the office and register (but you must call first to make sure someone is in the office)

AMPAC Office/School

3128 Allendale Street
PittsburghPA 15204


Download and Print Registration Form

First Year

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