The next semester is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 27th

The deadline for RETURNING students is August 1st or a late fee will be incurred. NEW students can register up until classes begin, however we urge you to register as soon as possible so that you are on the roll sheets before the first night of class. You can register by requesting an application via email or phone, online or in person. Call first to make sure someone is in the office if paying in person. School will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

 Our school/office is located at:   3128 ALLENDALE STREET, PITTSBURGH, PA 15204 (SHERADEN)

An initial certification class for Backflow will begin on Thursday, Sept. 13th. Deadline to register is Aug. 17th. Call or email for more details.

Due to demand, we will be offering a Master's Refresher class for those taking the test in December. It will be on Thursdays beginning on Sept. 13th. Call now for more details.

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About the Program

Apprenticeship Program Quick Facts

  • Provides for a 4-year apprenticeship
  • Specifies at least 576 hours of related information
  • Provides supervision of classes by a School Review Committee
  • Committee and Joint Apprenticeship Committees
  • Controls plumbing apprenticeship through advisory committees – masters and journeymen
  • Recognizes the fundamental principle that plumbing work should be done only by properly qualified journeymen plumbers, assisted by apprentices, employed under the supervision of a Master Plumber
  • Establishes a permanent uniform national plan of plumber-apprentice training, under control of the trade
  • Apprentices are taught the proper attitude toward work and employer with particular emphasis on the importance of safety and responsibility to the public
  • The apprentice must understand the laws pertaining to plumbing, including the administration of those laws
  • Discussions encouraged on sanitary plumbing health hazards and its effects on the environment
  • Must be 18 years of age to register.

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